If you don’t want this don’t do any internship!

The internship at SEOCOM (Communication Agency in Marrakech ) is very rewarding, it allows trainees to develop a lot of knowledge and know-how. As a trainees myself at SEOCOM, I gained a lot of knowledge and skills. Not being the only trainee, I was able to interview other staff members to find out what their views were on society and the experiences they could draw from them. 
After interviewing several trainees from SEOCOM, I had feedback on the company and the experiences they received after this internship.
“This internship was very enriching for me and allowed me to improve my knowledge and my skills”.
“SEOCOM allowed me to deepen my professional experiences and therefore trained me to subsequently integrate as easily as possible in a professional environment”. 
“My arrival at the company was a little complicated but I quickly integrate, I do not hesitate to ask questions, and in return they did not hesitate to answer me, they also helped me to resolve the  problems I faced, I gain many good things from this experience which is more than enriching for my future."
After hearing from several SEOCOM staff members, it was clear that the internship was a rewarding experience for the present life as well as for the future life. At SEOCOM, trainers learn while taking a taste of professional life.

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